There they go again! The Militant on Elián ,one y ear l ater

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Nov 12 14:06:08 MST 2000

>In the past couple of months, however, they had once again seemed more
>supportive of Cuba's current political initiatives and campaign against the
>hostile U.S. policy. After having featured a reiteration of their Elián line
>in virtually every single issue of the paper from May through August, they
>dropped that and instead talked about some of the marches in Cuba, Fidel's
>speech in New York, etc.
>That's why the re-emergence of the Elián line in the current issue was so
>disappointing, and, I believe, worthy of comment. Nevertheless, it should be
>noted that at least on one point there has been a shift, their evaluation of
>Cuba's campaign around Elián now seems more positive than before.
Jon and Jose's posts on this have been very interesting.  I take Jon's
point but I still wonder how though can the SWP get it so wrong?  I put it
down as a tendency to slide into left liberalism not unlike the old CP
tendency towards popular frontism.  The result of years of isolation I suppose.



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