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Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky Gorojovsky at
Sun Nov 12 19:13:54 MST 2000

Things developing very fast here. A showdown with bloodbath is not
impossible, and it may be very near. I hope I am wrong. But things
are very tense. To the point that the CTA (a group of unions who
initially gave support to the current Alianza government) have called
for a general strike tomorrow, which the CGT is most certainly going
to join to.

The government is facing increased isolation. For example, the
Christian Democrats, a party that belongs to the Alliance, is already
going to break with them.  In the end, we are going to have a scared
petty bourgeois party (the Radicals) in opposition to a President of
their own sign (de la Rúa), and no allies but for the IMF and the
speculators. This is  a very dangerous situation, particularly
because we on the popular camp won't be adequately organized (in part
due to the stupid reluctance of even the best unionists to launch a
political movement).

Again, again: hope I am wrong. But fear I am not.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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