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>I don't know how "knowledgeable" does Anthony consider me on
>Yugoslavian issues. I admit that I am not as knowledgeable as Jared or
>Lou, mainly because my impressions on the Yugoslav issue are sifted
>through my experience as an Argentinian Marxist.
>But since I share in their general opinions, I can only say (and, I
>know, this will bring Anthony to a fit of rage, but what can I do)
>that each posting that comes from Yugoslavia reminds me the more of
>the Argentinian situation in 1955. It is no surprise that there are
>anti-Milosevic self-appointed Marxists since 1992. There were
>anti-Peronist self-appointed Marxists in Argentina since 1945 and even
>before. After 1955, they struggled for "democratic revolutions" that
>were to become the gate to "socialism". They simply were the leftmost
>wing of the oligarchic-imperialist front.
>Imperialism is a many headed hydra, and it always has a Left Wing
>(usually an array of Left Wing) heads in semicolonial and defeated
>countries. I am sadly afraid that comrades in Partija rada are one of
>such heads, even though they most certainly ignore that.
>The saddest of all things is that they have entered a road which will
>discredit Marxism among the mass of the Yugoslav workers and peasants.
>Hopefully, the "fascists" who have been recently overthrown will help
>to keep that name high.
>Sorry to be so taxative,

I hope that these fascists would have same influence on workers as till now.
That would be better for us, workers.

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