Egypt: A new page for the Brotherhood?

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Full article at  Al- Ahram Weekly On-line
9 -15 November 2000
Issue No.507

A new page for the Brotherhood?

By Omayma Abdel-Latif

On Tuesday, members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood anxiously awaited
a Supreme Military Court ruling in what has come to be known as the
"case of professional syndicates." The ruling was delayed, however, for
the third time, on this occasion until 19 November. It was almost a year
ago that the 20 Brotherhood members, who also belonged to professional
syndicates, were arrested on charges of "attempting to infiltrate
professional syndicates and reviving the activities of an illegal

The significance of this particular court ruling, in the words of Essam
El-Erian, a leading Brotherhood member, is that it will be a sort of
litmus test for the post-election relationship between the government
and the Brothers. He does not think it will necessarily bode well for
the Brothers, because "when we merely thought of running for election,
the punishment came in the form of imprisonment; but now that some of us
have made it to the parliament, the stakes are higher than ever."


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