Cairo Film Festival Programme

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Al-Ahram Weekly On-line 9 -15 November 2000

Cairo Film Festival Programme

     Wed 8

     Two Women (Iran) C1
     Les Gens qui S'aiment (France) C1
     One More Day (Iran) K1
     Taafé Fonga (Mali) K2
     Une Couleur Café (Ivory Coast) M
     Fountain for Susan (Slovenia) R
     Love Story by Tea (China) SM3
     Little Man (Iran) SM5
     By My Side Again (Spain) W

     An Amsterdam Tale (Netherlands) C1
     Her Eyes (Iran) C2
     Bobby G. Can't Swim (USA) K1
     A Smile Like Yours (USA) K2
     Who's Next? (Switzerland) M
     Bossa Nova (Brazil) R
     A Hazard of Hearts (England) SM3
     Bhopal Express (India) SM5
     West Beirut (Lebanon) W

     Dumbarton Bridge (USA) C1
     My Dear Angelica (Poland) C2
     Breaking the Waves (Denmark) K1
     ‚a C'est Vraiment Toi (France) K2
     Inferno (Portugal) M
     Crouching Tiger (USA/China) MM
     Black Milk (Greece) R
     Victory (France) SM3
     Punte Galeo (Spain) SM5
     Lagarista (Philippines) W

     Harem Sware (France/Turkey) C1
     What's Cooking (USA) C2
     Mirka (Italy) K1
     Chasing the Dragon (USA) K2
     Recycled (Germany) M
     Very Bad Things (USA) R
     Donovan Quick (England) SM3
     Virilité et Autres Sentiments (France) SM5
     Mifune (Denmark) W

     Thu 9

     And Life Goes On (Iran) C1
     Il Signor Quindicipalle (Italy) C2
     Little Man (Iran) K1
     Two Women (Iran) K2
     Bobby G. Can't Swim (USA) M
     City of Women (Iran) R
     Her Eyes (Iran) SM3
     Love Without Frontiers (Iran) SM5
     Punta Galeo (Spain) W

     The Legend of 1900 (USA) C1
     Bossa Nova (Brazil) C2
     Victory (France) K1
     Une Couleur Café (Ivory Coast) K2
     West Beirut (Lebanon) M
     A Hazard of Hearts (England) R
     Les Gens qui S'aiment (France) SM3
     Charmant Garçon (France) SM5
     Who's Next ? (Switzerland) W

     ‚a C'est Vraiment Toi (France) C1
     Legend of Fire (Spain) C2
     An Amsterdam Tale (Netherlands) K1
     Green Desert (Germany) K2
     Les Enfants du Siècle (France) M
     The Lake Triangle (Bolivia) MM
     Breaking the Waves (Denmark) R
     Lagarista (Philippines) SM3
     Ever Changing Water (Argentina) SM5
     The Idiots (Denmark) W

     Crouching Tiger (USA) C1
     Chasing the Dragon (USA) C2
     Very Bad Things (USA) K1
     The Mission (England) K2
     Goodbye Lover (USA) M
     Recycled (Germany) R
     Daughters of Luck (Poland) SM3
     Blood (England) SM5
     Donovan Quick (England) W

     Fri 10

     A Smile Like Yours (USA) C1
     Love without Frontiers (Iran) C2
     City of Women (Iran) K1
     T.G.V. (Senegal) K2
     Her Eyes (Iran) M
     Une Couleur Café (Ivory Coast) R
     A Fountain for Susan (Slovenia) SM3
     And Life Goes On (Iran) SM5
     Love Story by Tea (China) W

     The Killing Fields (England) C1
     Le Cercle (France/Iran) C2
     A Hazard of Hearts (England) K1
     Bossa Nova (Brazil) K2
     Lumumba (Haiti) M
     Bobby G. Can't Swim (USA) R
     Rebecca's Daughters (England) SM3
     Bossa Nova (Brazil) SM5
     The Legend of 1900 (USA) W

     A Map of the World (USA) C1
     By My Side Again (Spain) C2
     Inferno (Portugal) K1
     Little Voice (England) K2
     Black Milk (Greece) M
     Breaking the Waves (Denmark) MM
     Les Enfants du Siècle (France) R
     Honour of the House (Iceland) SM3
     L'Ombre de la Ville (Lebanon) SM5
     My Dear Angelica (Poland) W

     Donovan Quick (England) C1
     Ever Changing Water (Argentina) C2
     Recycled (Germany) K1
     Virilité et Autres Sentiments (France) K2
     Daughters of Luck (Poland) M
     Goodbye Lover (USA) R
     Lisbon (Spain) SM3
     Legend of Fire (Spain) SM5
     Edge of Night (Greece) W

     Sat 11

     Who's Next (Switzerland) C1
     Coquille (Japan) C2
     The Gates of Europe (Poland) K1
     And Life Goes On (Iran) K2
     Love Without Frontiers (Iran) M
     T.G.V. (Senegal) R
     City of Women (Iran) SM3
     The Legend of 1900 (USA) SM5
     A Smile Like Yours (USA) W

     Rainbow Colours (Russia) C1
     ‚a C'est Vraiment Toi (France) C2
     Donovan Quick (England) K1
     Bhopal Express (India) K2
     A Hazard of Hearts (England) M
     West Beirut (Lebanon) R
     Mirka (Italy) SM3
     A Sigh (China) SM5
     Il Signor Quindicipalle (Italy) W

     Green Desert (Germany) C1
     Lagarista (Philippines) C2
     Lisbon (Spain) K1
     Blood (England) K2
     Victory (France) M
     Edge of Night (Greece) MM
     Mifune (Denmark) R
     Ever Changing Water (Argentina) SM3
     An Amsterdam Tale (Netherlands) SM5
     Happy Funeral Director (S. Korea) W

     The Mission (England) C1
     L'Ombre de la Ville (Lebanon) C2
     Daughters of Luck (Poland) K1
     The Idiots (Denmark) K2
     The Lake Triangle (Bolivia) M
     Crouching Tiger (China/USA) R
     Envy of God (Russia) SM3
     Chasing the Dragon (USA) SM5
     Asfalto (Spain) W

     Sun 12

     A Fountain for Susan (Slovenia) C1
     Asfalto (Spain) C2
     A Sigh (China) K1
     Silmonde Tourbillon (Burkina Faso) K2
     A Smile Like Yours (USA) M
     The Legend of 1900 (USA) R
     Himalaya (France) SM3
     Gates of Europe (Poland) SM5
     Little Man (Iran) W

     Tobia al Caffé (Italy) C1
     Bobby G Can't Swim (USA) C2
     Les Gens qui S'aiment (France) K1
     Punte Galeo (Spain) K2
     Le Cercle (France/Iran) M
     Lumumba (Haiti) R
     One More Day (Iran) SM3
     Rebecca's Daughter (England) SM5
     Coquille (Japan) W

     Happy Funeral Director (S. Korea) C1
     Little Voice (England) C2
     My Dear Angelica (Poland) K1
     L'Ombre de la Ville (Lebanon) K2
     Breaking the Waves (Denmark) M
     Inferno (Portugal) MM
     Mirka (Italy) R
     Black Milk (Greece) SM3
     The Killing Fields (England) SM5
     Les Enfants du Siècle (France) W

     Blood (England) C1
     An Amsterdam Tale (The Netherlands) C2
     Goodbye Lover (USA) K1
     Legend of Fire (Spain) K2
     Very Bad Things (USA) M
     Daughters of Luck (Poland) R
     Rainbow Colours (Russia) SM3
     By My Side Again (Spain) SM5
     Recycled (Germany) W

     Mon 13

     Little Man (Iran) C1
     T.G.V. (Senegal) C2
     Legend of Love (Iran) K1
     Coquille (Japan) K2
     City of Women (Iran) M
     Her Eyes (Iran) R
     Who's Next (Switzerland) SM3
     Il Signor Quindicipalle (Italy) SM5
     Love Without Frontiers (Iran) W

     Edge of Night (Greece) C1
     Bhopal Express (India) C2
     Asfalto (Spain) K1
     One More Day (Iran) K2
     ‚a C'est Vraiment Toi (France) M
     Rebecca's Daughters (England) R
     Le Cercle (France/Iran) SM3
     What's Cooking (USA) SM5
     Lumumba (Haiti) W

     Fiasco (Iceland) C1
     Les Enfants du Siècle (France) C2
     Lagarista (Philippines) K1
     Tobia al Caffé (Italy) K2
     Mirka (Italy) M
     Goodbye Lover (USA) MM
     Victory (France) R
     Happy Funeral Director (S. Korea) SM3
     Green Desert (Germany) SM5
     Stand By (France) W

     Le Harem de Mme Osman (France/Algeria) C1
     The Idiots (Denmark) C2
     The Lake Triangle (Bolivia) K1
     Crouching Tiger (China/USA) K2
     Mifune (Denmark) M
     Lisbon (Spain) R
     Very Bad Things (USA) SM3
     The Mission (England) SM5
     The Detour (The Netherlands) W

     Tue 14

     Silmonde Tourbillon (Burkina Faso) C1
     Himalaya (France) C2
     Le Cercle (France) K1
     Signor Quando Pale (Italy) K2
     A Fountain for Susan (Slovenia) M
     And Life Goes On (Iran) R
     Coquille (Japan) SM3
     Two Women (Iran) SM5
     Bhopal Express (India) W

     A Sigh (China) C1
     One More Day (Iran) C2
     West Beirut (Lebanon) K1
     Lumumba (Haiti) K2
     Legend of Love (Iran) M
     Gates of Europe (Poland) R
     Legend of Fire (Spain) SM3
     Les Gens qui S'aiment (France) SM5
     Green Desert (Germany) W

     Stand By (France) C1
     Virilité et Autres Sentiments (France) C2
     Ever Changing Water (Argentina) K1
     By My Side Again (Spain) K2
     The Idiots (Denmark) M
     Happy Funeral Director (S. Korea) MM
     Inferno (Portugal) R
     My Dear Angelica (Poland) SM3
     Tobia al Caffé (Italy) SM5
     Rebecca's Daughters
     (England) W

     Honour of the House (Iceland) C1
     Black Milk (Greece) C2
     Mifune (Denmark) K1
     Envy of God (Russia) K2
     Rainbow Colours (Russia) M
     The Lake Triangle (Bolivia) R
     Fiasco (Iceland) SM3
     Little Voice (England) SM5
     Le Harem de Mme Osman
     (France/Algeria) W


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