Fogel and CP

Michael Hoover hoov at
Tue Nov 14 10:56:20 MST 2000

Someone raised matter of Robert Fogel having CP background during
Genovese/Fogel-Engerman threads last month.  I questioned that
based on what I knew (which wasn't much) about RF but acknowledged
that CP connection might have existed in late 40s when he worked
on Henry Wallace campaign.

Thanks to info provided by listers RKMickey (Kelly) and Russ Lohse, I've
learned that Fogel is former CPer.  I have copies of his HUAC testimony
and essay on George Rawick by Florida International University historian
Alex Lichtenstein that cites GR interview in which he claims that Fogel
was responsible for his ouster from CP.  I think each is too long
to post to list but I'll forward them to interested listers upon

Nothing new on Engerman as ex-New Lefty so I'll continue to hold view
that this isn't in his past.    Michael Hoover

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