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Tue Nov 14 17:20:37 MST 2000

>This was a comrade's personal view, as a democratic centralist
>organisation the CPGB(PCC) doesn't have a line on global warming. Though
>Louis usually uses sect as a synonym for bad rather than referring to any
>particular organisational feature.

I don't care about how you are organized. You can meet in a pet cemetery
while wearing Lord Fauntleroy outfits for all I care. I am just telling you
that it is king-sized bonkers to talk about volcanoes heating up the
atmosphere. This is the same thing as writing that there are mermaids or
that the earth is 10,000 years old. It is just contrary to the abc's of
science. If you turned in a paper to High School Science on "So how come
Volcanoes Don't Contribute to Global Warming?", you'd get sent to the
principal's office like Bart Simpson.

Louis Proyect
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