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 I agree Yoshie, Leninism isn't the same as wishful thinking. But, on the
 other side, as Marxist-Leninist I can't denny facts. And facts are that in
 Belgrade, on October 5th, we had a revolution. That revolution calm down
 after just a few hours of battle just because of the coup d'etat. When
 bourgeois saw the revolution they send few leaders of DOS which call the
 people to stop to smashing and robbing of "our" shops.  >>

The attacks on the parliament, on shops and so on were organized, and the
real dirty work was done by, fascist elements. If supposed leftists took
part, it is an outrage.

 The attempt to associate this with Marxism is an affront to that much abused
political stance. The Mayor of  Cacak, Illic, who brought 10,000 of his
followers to Belgrade, is a US agent. I found 7 references in Lexis where he
met with US Adviser to the Balkans, Robert Gelbard.  As in other countries
around the world, DOS - a US creation - spent and continues to spend millions
(with money a hundred times more powerful in Yugoslavia than in the US) to
buy the participation of young people and others demoralized by the endless
difficulties of being targeted by the U.S.

The argument over whether it was a "real" revolution or whether it died down
and therefore was only a revolt is absurd: it was a coup. Progressive all
over Belgrade were visited the day before and threatened with death. A
US-created and US and German-paid media, bigger than the government media,
agitated for this coup for years. A score of US created and funded
organizations organized it. Every anti-Serb racist, every Vojvodina
secessionist, every Sandzak secessionist, every anti-Serb racist and some
Serbs blinded by anti-communism or sold on the idea that the US is the
answer, backed it.  And of course, there were people not in these categories
- but to see this as some kind of working class revolujtionary phenomenon
simply is at best fantasy.

Jared Israel

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