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<< If Louis Project has read this far he will be
 preparing to post articles from US newspapers accusing President Milosevic
 and his wife of being communists, of course by a similar method one could
 demonstrate that Presidents Putin and Magabe and probably anyone else out
 of favour with the imperialists are also communists. >>

The US and German assault in the world today is on societies.  This is not
routine colonialism.  It is a hundred times more vicious than the old
colonialism.  It is genocidal in dimensions.  It does not only attack modes
of production which have been properly labelled "socialist".  It attacks ALL
local modes of production.

I spent five hours recently interviewing the Serbian Minister of Science and
Technology, now forced out.  He led the rebuilding - which was amazingly
successful - after the bombing.

In societies like Yugoslavia attempting to install somebody's fantasy about
perfect socialism is nuts.  The socialists, themselves a very mixed bag, had
to face a) fascist onslaught from Croatia and Bosnian Islamists, financed and
armed by the US and every fascist Islamist in the world b) devastation by the
World Bank plan of 1989, which closed over a thousand businesses. What do you
do?  This is a country of MAINLY small farmers - very efficient, very
experienced SMALL farmers who own 3 or 4 hectares but also have certain land
they use (for grazing or wood gathering) in common - this is a long
tradition.  What do you do, force them into giant collective farms?  What the
government did before and after 1989 was make available for these people free
medical care, pensions, free schools, and so on.  This was defended in
Yugoslavia; it has been and continues to be destroyed where the IMF has come
in (e./g. Bulgaria, Albania, Russia, and so on)

The way you fight the Imperial assault in such a situation is you defend
these people economically against liquidation - which is what Mr. Kostunica's
IMF wants to bring them: liquidation. The freedom to starve.


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