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Not having contributed to this list for quite a time I cannot let this one

Firstly, I should like to know what the original message was that Lou was
replying to - I just can't find it (even a search on the reference quoted
has failed to find it on my machine), but then I am just about fed up with
every disaster being blamed on "global warming" - the great myth of our

The real questions to be asked are
1. does global warming really exist?
(see <http://www.greeningearthsociety.org/Articles/2000/surface1.htm> to see
how dodgy the evidence is)

2. If it exists is it anything to do with human activities or is it a normal
cyclical (over the centuries) response to solar activity?

3. Why is global warming seen as a greater disaster than the coming of
another "Little Ice Age" - which caused famines and disasters in the 16th
century (and which was, of course, the "disaster myth" of the 1970s?

4.  Why is increasing CO2 in the atmosphere seen as a disaster?  CO2 is not
a pollutant it is the "life-blood" of plant-life - increased CO2 means
greater plant growth and better crop yields - so necessary for the expanding
populations in the "LDC"s of the south and east.

Contrary to Lou and Mark Jones it is "environmental fanaticism" which I see
as the disaster - particularly when its lead is followed on the left......

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