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Thu Nov 16 01:28:28 MST 2000


> For every 100% certifiable bourgeois-imperialist scientist you can
name that
> disbelieves the whole "rap" about global warming, I can name you a
> 1000% bourgeois-imperialist scientists who vote for the global
> hypotheses and everything that comes with it with both arms and

Right... because, as the old saying goes, "all truth moves through
three stages..." and we are currently in stage three. It's not as if
there is any benefit to the ruling classes of any country, least of
all in North America, to make this stuff up. Precisely the opposite.
Allow yourselves to look at this story, as always capitalist
destruction hits the same disenfranchised peoples first...

(From the CBC)

Inuit witness climate changing

WebPosted Wed Nov 15 23:09:46 2000

WINNIPEG - For the first time in their oral history, Canada's Inuit
people are seeing thunder and lightning. Electrical storms in the High
Arctic are among the evidence of climate change being reported in a
new study.

full story:


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