What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #428 November 15, 2000

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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #428
                             November 15, 2000


Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an

environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: Why the banks should be nationalised

At the beginning of the 20th century the banks had a reputation as
"bloodsuckers". Green Left Weekly explains why this reputation is just
deserved today and what should be done about it.



 *  Why the banks should be nationalised
 *  How the vampires flourish


 *  The Russian Revolution: The greatest of people's movements
 *  Has the capitalist system overcome its long wave of stagnation?


 *  Gusmao describes challenges facing East Timor
 *  WEST PAPUA: Self-determination now!
 *  EAST TIMOR: Facts and fictions about the militias
 *  EAST TIMOR: UN administration moves to evict stallholders
 *  ACEH: Thousands rally for independence
 *  Spotlight on Indonesia
 *  CUBA: UN General Assembly condemns US blockade
 *  BOUGAINVILLE: Let the people choose
 *  BOUGAINVILLE: `Peace' process in jeopardy
 *  Hunger stalks trade talks
 *  INDIA: Resistance grows against Hindu chauvinism, sexism,
 *  TAIWAN: KMT tries to unseat new president
 *  UNITED STATES: How the media backs Israeli colonialism
 *  Palestinian refugees and their right to return


 *  M1: Why we should blockade the stock exchanges on May 1


 *  Poster: the Democratic Socialist Party's 19th National Congress:
Globalising resistance to capitalism


 *  Billy Elliot: defeat and triumph in Thatcher's Britain
 *  MELT 2000 chants down Babylon
 *  Shiela Rowbotham and the 1960s


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