Jim Blaut

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at SPAMmail.telepac.pt
Thu Nov 16 07:51:30 MST 2000

Louis Proyect wrote:

> I just received word that Jim Blaut died of a heart attack. He had been
> battling pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest forms of the disease. Jim
> was 70 years old.

I'm very sad to hear this.
Ever more so since I occasionally have had some violent exchanges here with
Jim Blaut, so his presence was kind of lively to me and the shadow of death so
much more humbling and absurd.

As a tribute to him (of sorts), I'm sending to the list a little piece of mine
I've started writing when I was engaged in a heated polemic with Jim Blaut.
It's about multiculturalism and has been published, at Philip Ferguson's
request, on 'Revolution' magazine from New Zealand. Jim Blaut could be wrong
on many issues but he was, no doubt, on the right side of the fence. Our side.
That, for localized circumstances, I have been mostly at loggerheads with him
is my regret at this final hour. But such is life. A never ending story of
missed encounters.

Peace be with Jim Blaut. The struggle, with us.

En lucha,

João Paulo Monteiro

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