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See Bertall Ollman's Marxist pedagogy.

Andrew Austin
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>On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 10:04:36AM +0000, ilovebeckyh at wrote:
>> I am currently studying Marxism as part of my A Level Sociology course
>> am having difficulty with the Education section. Anyone have any advice?
>Well can you be more specific about the information you are looking for,
>Marxist critiques of education, empirical information on eduction under
>socialism, etc?  I doubt anyone on this list has studied A Level

Actually, I'm a sociologist by training.  So perhaps I can be of help.  But
I still would need more info on what you mean by "the Education section."
If you would prefer to e-mail me off the list, you can do that to.  Bear in
mind, though, that Marxism is not necessarily useful for passing sociology
courses.  It is useful for expropriating universities.  :-)

Lou Paulsen

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