Les Schaffer godzilla at SPAMnetmeg.net
Thu Nov 16 13:19:34 MST 2000

Lou Paulsen said:

> Or are there some communist climatologists to whom we can turn for
> guidance?

as an (astro)physicist/engineer/software trained person, i'd be
curious Lou: what would be, for example, the 4 topmost questions on
your mind if you could talk to a climatologist in person?

I'd be interested in advancing this discussion technically beyond
where its already been, if i could tell what the parties in the debate
think are relevant from the perspective of: if i don't model climates,
how can i understand the work thats been done on this problem.

do people want to understand the physical principles better? or how
they all get modeled in one basket? how the computer simulations
manage to take account of all the different processes in the model?

or, how does one go about assessing, in particulars, whether a set of
theories and their implementation in simulation experiments is colored
by capitalist ideology and funding decisions enough to be flawed?

les schaffer

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