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>From John's website:

John Hunter Gray [John R. Salter, Jr.] "Hunterbear," a half-blood
Micmac/St. Francis Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk, grew up at Flagstaff, Arizona.
 Since the mid-1950s, he has been deeply and consistently involved in
grassroots organizing: Native rights, radical labor, civil rights,
anti-poverty, urban multi-issue.  His trail has extended from the Southwest
to the Deep South, Pacific Northwest, Chicago, up-state New York, Navajo
Nation, Northern Plains, and Rocky Mountains.  Trained as a sociologist, he
has occasionally taught -- while organizing still -- at such places as
Tougaloo College, Goddard College, University of Iowa, Navajo Community
College [now Dine' College] and University of North Dakota.   His written
work has appeared over the decades in numerous journals and books -- and he
is the author of Jackson, Mississippi: An American Chronicle of Struggle
and Schism [Krieger, 1987.]  He presently lives at Pocatello, Idaho, with
coyotes, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes among his friendly neighbors and
is, as always, a committed organizer and socialist.

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