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>It IS nonsense to talk about CO2 as a danger.  It is a proven fact that
>plants can only grow and photosynthesise with adequate supplies of CO2 -
>that increasing CO2 results in more rapid growth and photosynthesis (given
>sufficient reply of light, water, nitrate, phosphate and potash + a variety
>of other trace materials).  It has for long been recognised by greenhouse
>growers that a raised CO2 is beneficial and many an installation provides
>for this.

Oh, you are missing the entire point.  Either you are being willfully
obtuse, or nobody has ever explained the global warming hypothesis to you
clearly.  Nobody thinks that the problem with CO2 is that it is a poison.
Nobody doubts that plants consume CO2.  It's not the CHEMICAL properties of
CO2 which are at issue.  It is the PHYSICAL properties.  It is the fact that
an atmosphere full of CO2 is more opaque to heat.  Therefore, if you put
more CO2 in the atmosphere, you have just as much visible light coming in
(because it's transparent to visible light) but less heat going out.
Consequences of this, if it happens, might involve our customary contours of
rainfall, natural vegetation, etc, moving several hundred miles poleward or
being otherwise distorted, and the sea level being raised by some unknown
amount.  That is the idea, at any rate, and it has nothing to do with how
good CO2 is for greenhouse plants.

If I were living in Bangla Desh, where cyclones ALREADY inundate large
heavily populated areas, I would hope for my comrades elsewhere in the world
to be VERY SURE before they declare that there is no danger of the sea level
being raised a few feet more.  (In fact, I am living in Chicago, comfortably
high above sea level, and next to a large fresh water lake which will take a
long time to be drunk.  When Wall Street and the Pentagon are inundated, and
California is even more parched than at present, I expect the political and
financial capital of the US will be right here.)

Lou Paulsen

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