Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Sun Nov 19 10:09:38 MST 2000

> Mainly, I expect that if the climatologists who are in the pay of
> bourgeoisie are producing bad results, predictions, theories, or
> which are the products of class bias, pressure, bribery, etc., then
> communist climatologists will sound the alarm bell and expose the
> plots.

Something I need to know: WHY???

WHY on (insert planet here) would the ruling class "make up" a series
of scientific sounding predictions that lead to a neccessity for
planned economic systems, the abolition of the private automobile and
generally make unfettered growth 'seem' impossible if humanity is to
continue on? Can anyone explain that? Comrades are absolutely right to
state that these realities are twisted into a new form of
protectionism and general Imperialism when directed at the Third
World. So are 'human rights'. That does not invalidate those rights
seperate from their greatest violators. Nor does the despoliation of
the atmosphere.


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