Democracy or Empire?

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sun Nov 19 15:44:02 MST 2000

>  > >Hence the usefulness of the Democratic Party & liberal
>>  >internationalism in America....
>There is nothing useful about the Democratic Party and  "liberal
>internationalism" in America. There is even no watertight distinction
>between nationalism and internationalism here. They are both wrapped up in
>the same imperialist blanket--the US.  Disagreements between liberals and
>conservatives for the most part convey tactics not basic policies.

The Democratic Party & liberal internationalism are useful for
capital _because_ they differ _only_ in tactics, not in the desire
for American hegemony, from conservatives.  Why?  Tactical
differences have had a power to bind most American liberals &
leftists to the Dems & hence to imperialism.


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