Democracy or Empire?

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sun Nov 19 15:49:53 MST 2000


> > >Hence the usefulness of the Democratic Party & liberal
> > >internationalism in America....
> There is nothing useful about the Democratic Party and  "liberal
> internationalism" in America. There is even no watertight
> between nationalism and internationalism here. They are both wrapped
up in
> the same imperialist blanket--the US.  Disagreements between
liberals and
> conservatives for the most part convey tactics not basic policies.
I think that was the point for Yoshie. The parties do not actually
have any significant *structural* difference, but do in fact help
reinforce American capitalist democracy, and liberal
internationalismgives both the illusion of morality while contributing
to US Imperialist objectives (like liberal objection to Soviet
"Imperialism" in Afghanistan, for example). This is the 'usefulness';
useful to the American empire and both its internal image and


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