Brian James hillbily at SPAMintergate.ca
Sun Nov 19 16:09:48 MST 2000

>If it were true that the global warming hypothesis is mere bourgeois
>propaganda, then it would seem to imply that certain important sectors of
>the bourgeoisie (those associated with oil, auto, highway construction,
>coal, electrical power generation) have been bludgeoned into silence, or
>marginality at any rate, by the rest of the bourgeoisie.  When did this
>happen?  Wasn't there any struggle around it?  Why were they so unable to
>defend themselves?  If the Greening Earth Society has it right, why aren't
>the Rockefellers and Mellons funding it, instead of a rather marginal
>federation of western-states coal companies?  These are some of the problems
>which, in my view, result from the hypothesis that human-caused global
>warming is merely a bourgeois lie.

Maybe the oil companies (not coal) see something useful for them in the
global warming scare. Maybe they like the idea of higher fuel prices.
Maybe they're developing new, slightly more eco-friendly fuels as a
means of isolating their less advanced competitors.

Bourgeois governments obviously like some of the demands
environmentalists are making, such as proposed "green taxes." Tony Blair
has been beating fuel tax protesters in England over the head with
fraudulent claims that high fuel taxes are "green measures" among other
things. The bourgeoisie are not a unified class when it comes to
technology issues.

As for the question of why the powerful oil companies seem to have been
cowed into silence... what rubbish! The oil companies are the most
powerful section of the capitalist class in the world! The Gulf War was
carried out over oil. The bourgeois newspapers will go to absurd lengths
to create false impressions of reality to protect the oil industry and
its interests. If they are backing down on the global warming
controversy it's NOT because they recognise some big inherent truth and
are reluctantly conceding to it. The imperialist controllers of public
opinion concede nothing. They accept the global warming theory because
there's something in it for them. The debate should focus more on that.

BTW I am not arguing that human induced global warming is a lie, just
that the class analysis of bourgeois responses to it can be approached
in different ways.

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