Democracy or Empire?

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Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

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> > > >Hence the usefulness of the Democratic Party & liberal
> > > >internationalism in America....
> >
> > There is nothing useful about the Democratic Party and  "liberal
> > internationalism" in America. There is even no watertight
> distinction
> > between nationalism and internationalism here. They are both wrapped
> up in
> > the same imperialist blanket--the US.  Disagreements between
> liberals and
> > conservatives for the most part convey tactics not basic policies.
> >
> >I think that was the point for Yoshie. The parties do not >actually
> >have any significant *structural* difference, but do in fact help
> >reinforce American capitalist democracy, and liberal
> >internationalism gives both the illusion of morality while
> >contributing
> >to US Imperialist objectives (like liberal objection to Soviet
> >"Imperialism" in Afghanistan, for example). This is the >'usefulness';
> >useful to the American empire and both its internal image >and
> >stability.
> >Macdonald

That was my point indeed. There is no difference between Democracts and
Republicans in terms of foreign policy because both help reinforce
American imperialist objectives abroad. They are the sides of the same
coin--imperialism. However, my disagreement is with the concept
"usefulness".  We cannot argue from a real politik perspective
(Machievelli) that American liberalism is useful in some utilitarian
sense.. Yes it useful for US, but not for others. While humanist
imperialism ("illusion of morality" of liberals you are talking about)
gives a "useful" image to the American empire outside, this stability is
achieved at the expense of others. I don't see how usefulness fits in a
context which is not useful to begin with. Furthermore, if American
liberalism were such useful in terms of providing stability and order in
the international system, we would expect no uprisings to US hegemony. US
is an illegitimate power in the eyes of some, if not many. So I would not
overstate the usefullness of US liberalism.  There is an ample supply of
evidence from the history that nations revolted against US imperialism
(including socialist ones) not only because they rejected American liberal
political order, but also because they highly *doubted* about its

Except its humanist morality (which is influential I should admit), there
is nothing useful about liberalism. Liberal ideology is  corollary to
capitalist social and political order which is a destructive and unuseful
system. Capitalism is burning the world; this shows how unuseful the
system is no matter what liberalism tries to HIDE IT.  Liberalism can no
longer obscure capitalism's contradictions.




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