Democracy or Empire?

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el 19 Nov 00, a las 14:21, Yoshie Furuhashi dijo:

> I think that the reason why a limited democracy helps build &
> maintain an empire is that the rulers can't afford to fight on two
> fronts, domestic & foreign, at the same time, as Machiavelli reminds
> us.  Hence the usefulness of the Democratic Party & liberal
> internationalism in America....
> Yoshie

But wasn't Cecil Rhodes who explained that imperialism is a matter of filling the
stomach of the mobs so that a civil war between Disraeli's two Englands could be

It is very usual that the most ardent imperialists are the most democratic leaders,
in a social sense though not necessarily in a political sense, within their own
countries. Ted Roosevelt is an example, and even in a backward country such as Spain
by the 1900s you could find a Joaquín Costa...

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