Democracy or Empire?

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Jim Farmelant wrote:

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> > > >Hence the usefulness of the Democratic Party & liberal
> > > >internationalism in America....
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> > There is nothing useful about the Democratic Party and  "liberal
> > internationalism" in America.
> >I think that Yoshie means that they are useful to the ruling class.

Jim, I don't know what is meant about "usefulness of liberalism" frankly. My
point is (was) that the liberal ideology which is designed to obscure the
contradictions of capitalism can no longer hide those contradictions. Third
world poverty, ecological devastations, increasing inequalities among
nations, wars, famines, diseases, energy crisis etc., prove how unstable the
capitalist system is. They all point out to a zero usefulness of  liberalism.
Can liberalism still continue to veil capitalism's contradictions?. Despite
the pundits who believe there is a possibility of saving capitalism , I
hardly believe so, given the realities we are facing.



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