Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Mon Nov 20 00:34:45 MST 2000

Art guffaws:

>  > Could Yoshie Furuhashi please refrain, hereafter, from
>>  using the word "Amerikans"? Such use of clever but
>>  essentially racist epithets may make us even more prone
>>  to revivalism, survivalism, primitivism.
>Hahahaha! This to me is so funny.
>For those unaware, Black people, when engaged in online
>discourse, like to use the spelling AmeriKKKa, for obvious
>reasons, and they won't be refraining from it's use anytime
>soon. Hahahahahahaha!

Several years ago, at the Ohio State University, members of the Black
Student Union (now renamed the Afrikan Student Union -- a very
progressive force on our campus, on issues ranging from police
brutality, affirmative action, retention rates of minority students,
to campus workers' strike) caused a _sensation_ among some white
students who saw their use of spelling AmeriKKKa.  White folks can be
very annoying, patient as most of the rest of us try to be....



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