Report on dams boosts Narmada project

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Nov 20 07:24:54 MST 2000

Ulhas wrote:
>18 November 2000
>Report on dams boosts Narmada project
>LONDON: Contrary to expectations, the report by the World Commission on Dams
>released in London has come as a major boost to the Narmada dam project in

Of course. The notion that there is some kind of Green juggernaut mowing
down "progress" across the planet is just a fiction. It is as much of a
fiction that Al Gore is sensitive to the environment because he wrote a
fucking book. We live under capitalism. Under capitalism, the state tends
to reflect the interests of the big bourgeoisie although not in an
unmediated fashion. The Indian bourgeoisie, like the Chinese CP, is
determined to "modernize" at all costs. When modernization is in conflict
with the interests of small peasants, we know who will win out--unless of
course the voice of the people is too powerful to override.

Louis Proyect
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