Democracy or Empire?

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Mon Nov 20 07:26:03 MST 2000

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

>  >From your signature, I see that you are working on your dissertation
> >at SUNY at Albany (Nelson A. Rockefeller College!).

Correct. From what I see, you are working on your dissertation at Ohio State
University! for quite a long time. You must be explaining to the working masses
there how useful _real politikker_ Machievelli is in understanding American

> >What is the
> >prevailing opinion of the working masses -- white-collar,
> >blue-collar, pink-collar, etc. -- of Albany, NY, with regard to
> >capitalism's contradictions: Third World poverty, ecological
> >devastations, increasing inequalities among nations, wars, famines,
> >diseases, etc.?  Do you ever talk to them?

>From what I see, this is not a useful talk. First, I talked about my political
activism before. Second, check the archives of the list to see what I said.
Third, did you ever actually live in a Third World country to see the "prevailing
opinion of the working masses" there? Did you ever talk to them? or did you
directly fly from Japan to US, MidWest? I wonder.


> Yoshie


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