Report on dams boosts Narmada project

Ulhas Joglekar ulhasj at
Mon Nov 20 09:53:55 MST 2000

Louis wrote:
> The Indian bourgeoisie, like the Chinese CP, is
> determined to "modernize" at all costs. When modernization is in conflict
> with the interests of small peasants, we know who will win out--unless of
> course the voice of the people is too powerful to override.

I agree. The Indian state is fully committed to modernisation and the mass
of Indian poor is too disorganised to defend themselves.

There is a further problem that Indian CPs have been too closely identified
with the fSU and Chinese CP. The disintegration of SU and evolution of
China has put Indian Left on the defensive.

There is a larger question here.There would appear to be a conflict between
the defense of national sovereignty and the welfare of the poor. The former
requires further concentration and centralisation of capital and
technological upgradation. (And I am not now talking about big dams.) This
inevitably leads to marginalisation and pauperisation (absolute as well
relative) of mass of
In a world context in which there is only one superpower, all states have to
reorganise and restructure in order to be globally competitive. This can
only happen by increasing the mass and the rate of surplus value relative to
the total capital employed.


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