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>>The Canadian organization of the Committee for a Workers International,
> Socialist Alternative, radically improved it's electoral
> standing. In the 1997 elections in Toronto we received just fewer than
> 1,000 votes for Wendy Forrest (people had two votes and
> there was a higher turnout). This was 1.97% of the vote. At that time we
> were pleased with our results: the far left in Canada
> generally averages between 0.1 to 0.5% of the vote.
> A combination of a progressively improving situation, better
> organization, and research allowed us to increase our vote in
> November 2000, finishing third and increasing our vote four fold, from
> 1.97% to 8.11%.
> We raised around $5000 to fight the elections. Six comrades were active
> throughout, with a larger group of around 20 people
> helping us. Wendy spoke at three all-candidates' public meetings, each
> one attracting around 60-70 people. Wendy got a great
> response each time. We organised two tenants' meetings during the
> campaign and around thirty people turned up to each one of
> them.
> We got six press articles, despite the media attention on the US
> elections and the forthcoming Canadian Federal (national
> parliament) elections.<<

Good work, Andy and Socialist Alternative. I don't know much about your
political line, but it sounds as if you are doing some things right.

I ran for alderman (councillor) in Toronto in the 1969 municipal elections, in
Ward 8 (Riverdale) as candidate for the League for Socialist Action (LSA), then
the Canadian section of the Fourth International. I got only 435 votes (can't
remember the percentage, but it was very small). The successful candidates were
John Sewell, who later became mayor, and Karl Jaffary who ran for the NDP.

Keep the banner flying!

Richard Fidler
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