Report on dams boosts Narmada project

Patrick Bond pbond at
Tue Nov 21 00:31:06 MST 2000

> From:          "Ulhas Joglekar" <ulhasj at>
> There is a larger question here.There would appear to be a conflict between
> the defense of national sovereignty and the welfare of the poor. The former
> requires further concentration and centralisation of capital and
> technological upgradation. (And I am not now talking about big dams.) This
> inevitably leads to marginalisation and pauperisation (absolute as well
> relative) of mass of population.

Not always true, though -- the 1930s period witnessed the opposite in
many South settings. Doesn't the relationship depend on the
character of the accumulation process and the balance of clas forces?
You may be right that under current circumstances of neoliberal
globalisation based on heightened financial/commercial circuitry,
"national" capital will suck more surplus from the workers and
petit-commodity-producers, but this too must pass.

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