Cuban Communist Party rep to attend Australian DSP conference

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Tue Nov 21 05:36:46 MST 2000

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Cuban Communist Party rep to attend DSP conference


Members of the Democratic Socialist Party, Resistance and others
inspired by the growing anti-capitalist movement will meet for
the 19th DSP congress, to be held in western Sydney from January
3-7. The theme of the congress is “After S11: Globalising
resistance to capitalism”.
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“S11, the blockade of the Crown Casino in Melbourne, was a
significant victory for the anti-capitalist movement in
Australia, drawing many people into activity for the first time”,
said DSP national secretary John Percy. “It marks a turning point
for the movement, and is a great basis for further
anti-capitalist action in the coming months.”

The congress will discuss key focus points for the campaign in
coming months, such as highlighting the international
feminisation of poverty at International Women's Day and the
initiative for a Global Strike against corporate tyranny on May
1, 2001. These events have the potential to take up where S11
left off, reinvigorating the progressive movement in this country
and inspiring activists world wide.

The congress will also feature international guests from
revolutionary organisations around the globe. A list of
international groups confirmed for the congress so far includes
the Cuban Communist Party, the People's Democratic Party from
Indonesia, the Timorese Socialist Party, the Movement for
Democratic Change from the Philippines, the Saraiki National
Party from Pakistan, the Revolutionary Communist Group from
Britain, Solidarity activist Malik Miah from the US, the Labour
Revolutionary Organisation from Afghanistan, the Workers
Communist Party of Iraq and Harry Otten from the Dutch Indonesia
and East Timor solidarity organisation Solitin.

The attendance of a leading comrade from the Cuban Communist
Party is especially exciting, given the leading role that Cuba
plays in the global anti-capitalist campaign.

The congress will be followed by a big public meeting at the
Parramatta Town Hall on January 8. The meeting will be a
launching pad for plans developed at the congress, particularly
around the proposed global strike on May 1, 2000.

Commenting on the importance of the DSP congress, Percy said that
“members of the DSP and Resistance played a key role in the
blockade, helping to ensure that it maintained discipline and
morale in the face of brutal police violence. We were inspired
and strengthened by S11, and we will use our congress to flesh
out plans for an ongoing offensive against the capitalist

Percy pointed out that “all those inspired by the blockade should
see our congress as an important part of the growing
anti-capitalist movement. I urge all anti-corporate tyranny
activists to come to our congress and join the DSP.”



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