Jim Blaut on Lenin and the National Question

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el 20 Nov 00, a las 18:58, Louis Proyect dijo:

> >"This Nation and socialism are one and the same thing"
> >
> >Ho Chi Minh
> NY Times, November 20, 2000
> Vietnam's New Struggle: How Global to Become?
> HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Nov. 19 — Bill Clinton took extra trouble 30
> years ago to avoid showing up here for America's first conflict with Vietnam.
> But in the final days of his presidency, with crowds cheering him on in
> Hanoi, and today in the city Americans will always call Saigon, Mr. Clinton
> threw himself into the middle of Vietnam's most immediate conflict: The
> battle within a divided government over how fast and how far to open the
> country to the capitalist, democratic forces that Vietnam's Communist
> leaders thought they had defeated.

There is sarcasm in the article, and there is sarcasm in reality itself. Yes. But
Ho's words still rule. If Viet Nam follows the "non-socialist" path in the ways
Clinton hopes, it will simply dissolve as a nation. A nation is not only, not even
essentially, a portion of land under a single state rule, a name on the map with a
neat purple coloured line on the borders of a polygon. Viet Nam will simply become
Viet Name.

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