DSP on Palestine - Oh God, here we go again

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at SPAMbellsouth.net
Tue Nov 21 07:29:46 MST 2000

Okay guys, I hope you will help me understand the position:

First, we should demand that all Third World Countries be immediately thrown
out from the UN, and other international organizations, as their presence
there only breeds illusions.

Second, the Palestinians are getting what they deserve.

First, they refused to smash the Zionist entity and establish a democratic
secular Palestine, even though they have known for more than 30 years this
is what they must do because we told them so.

Second, they have failed to produce revolutions in other Arab countries such
as Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan, although we have very patiently
explained to them that this is necessary.

Third, they have chosen leaders we don't like, and especially Yasir Arafat,
who even smiles when he gets his picture taken at diplomatic functions.
Without even consulting with us. For shame!

So let us raise our copies of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book, or, for those
of other persuasions, Stalin's "Foundations of Leninism" or Trotsky's
"Results and Prospects," and chant in chorus:

Down with reformism! Down with Nationalism! Down with the Palestinian
Authority! Down with Yasir Arafat! Down with negotiations with the Zionists
or the Americans! Long Live the Fourth International, all 27 of them!

A Sino-Soviet nuclear shield must cover Gaza! Send heavy armored divisions
from the German Democratic Republic! Take no prisoners!

For instantaneous, simultaneous proletarian revolution the world over!!!!!


Did I get it right?


PS -- And the CIA terrorists caught by the Panamanians last week should be
let go. To punish them would only create illusions. Fidel's gone soft and
senile in his old age.

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I agree with Phil on this and I suppose that won't surprise our comrades in
the DSP.  But they edge towards liberalism at an alarming rate at times
like this.  Sure the slaughter is terrible.  But essential to that is the
corruption of the Arab leadership.  It is the support that the Arab leaders
give to American imperialism that has isolated the Palestinians.  Arafat
insists on going to Washington and taking part in the charade that the US
is an honest broker.  In this he too is a tool of American imperialism.

What the Palestinians need are revolutions in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, the
West Bank etc.  Then and only then would American support for Israel begin
to weaken.



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