Report on dams boosts Narmada project

Patrick Bond pbond at
Tue Nov 21 10:46:43 MST 2000

> From:          "Ulhas Joglekar" <ulhasj at>
> I meant the current period. But I don't understand Patrick's
> reference to 1930s, which witnessed the opposite in many South settings. Is
> this a reference to the first two Soviet five year plans? Or perhaps to some
> economies in Latin America?

Yes, to the case material which the dependencia school worked up,
which included several key semi-peripheral sites. In SA and Zimbabwe,
where I hang out, the 1930s were golden years, with annual real GDP
increases averaging 8% thanks to delinking...

But the current period of global-scale domination will pass, as it
has on other occasions, during previous accumulation cycles. We'll be
back to debates surrounding nation-state management, including
exchange controls and domestic resource mobilisation. Hopefully we'll
transcend Mahathir, Keynes and other usual suspects, and get to more
exciting opportunities to establish regional coherence, in the way
Samir Amin has been writing about recently...


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