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While reading the archives of your Marxism list, I was deeply saddened to
learn of the death of Professor James Blaut. I have read some of his articles
and what came across from them was his absolute defense of the
oppressed and exploited majority of humanity who mostly live in Third
World. From the obituaries posted, it appears that he devoted his
scholarship and learning (e.g., his investigation and denunciation of
Eurocentrism) to this most noble of all ends. How many of  the college-
educated people can say the following about their own lives as in the
excerpt below from the obituary by Diana Strzalka?
"He was driven by his social consciousness, said a long-time friend,
Esther Nieves. He was a compassionate and humble man who devoted
his life's work to international issues, particularly the injustices in Third
World countries."
Such persons come very rarely to this world. In the movie "Shaka
Proshaka" (Roots of a Tree) by the great Indian film director Satyajit
Ray, there is conversation between a young man and his sister-in-law.
The man, deeply affected by the creeping corruption of the upper middle
class, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern
Europe, and their re-incorporation into the world capitalist mode of
production, tells his sister-in-law: "When we depart this world, no one
will remember us? Do you know why? Because we have only taken, not
given anything."
And so it will be for the majority of us. Only a few like Spartacus, Marx,
Lenin, Vidyasagar, Nivedita, Malcom X, Mao Tse-Tung, Bhagat Singh,
Khudiram Bose, Che Guevara and others will continue to shine for a
long, long time in the hearts of the exploited majority of humanity. And
Professor James Blaut will be in this august company.
S. Chatterjee

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