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Review of African Political Economy

Volume 27  Number 85  September 2000


Editorial: Globalisation & African Responses 353
Morris Szeftel

Evaluating Privatisation in Zambia: A Tale of Two Processes 357
John Craig

Restructuring North-South Relations: ACP-EU 367
Development Co-operation in a Liberal International Order
William Brown

Zimbabwean Workers, the MDC & the 2000 Election 385
Peter Alexander

Maintaining Corporate Dominance after Decolonization: 407
the ‘First Mover Advantage’ of Shell-BP in Nigeria
Jêdrzej George Frynas, Matthias P Beck & Kamel Mellahi

Clientelism, Corruption & Catastrophe 427
Morris Szeftel

Zimbabwe Today: Hope against Grim Realities 443

Ethnic ‘Nationalities’, God & the State: 450
Whither the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

Britain and Western Sahara: Examining the Debate 459

When dignitaries are not what one thinks! 462

Report on the Kenya SAREAT/International IDEA 462
Democracy Workshop

Book Reviews 469

Book Notes 476

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