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>We certainly don't want to return to "subsistence" farming, but unless we
>achieve organic farming we will perish.

What nonsense is this?
"organic" farming means dscarding all the advances of the almost two
centuries since Lawes and Gilbert began making "superphosphate" and
institutes the Rothamstead Research station.

Without the advances in scientific agriculture since 1826 MOST of the
present population of the world would have starved to death.

It is perfectly OK - since they are so well-endowed with surplus income -
(and the ability to pay for imports of food from anywhere in the world -
even by air transport !!) for the population of Europe and North America to
opt for the low-productivity of 17th century methods to swathe their
enmvironmental consciences - but of cereal yields were even to drop to
mid-20th century levels there would would be insufficient food production
for the present world population.  EVERY possible advance of scientific
agriculture AND bio-technology will be required in the 21st century - and
the transfer of these methods to other crops that rice, soya and wheat is
probably the most urgent problem gacing agriculture worldwide.

The "green revolution" brought India from being a food importer to
self-sufficiency in the 70s and 80s - but a new "green revolution" is now
required by the world - if not by UK and USA.  "Organic" yields are vastly
insufficient - "organic" is just a fad of the affluent middle-classes of the
North - an anti-science "religion".

It ill-behoves Marxist revolutionaries to be led astray by current
anti-scientific fads of the affluent North....

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