DSP on Palestine

Les Schaffer godzilla at SPAMnetmeg.net
Wed Nov 22 08:02:53 MST 2000

[ bounced from Lee Harrison Chauser <dalo at earthlink.net> in response
to Philip Ferguson. Full quoted text deleted -- please quote
selectively. Les]

Phil: I think you are several points up on Jose as my tally sheet scores it.
However, a good interlocker, like Jose' shouldn't be given the short shift.
He has what I call "attitude" and a man like this is very valuable in these
kinds of debates. Who care's that his position is "neo-colonialist" as you
call it. A person who can look down his nose at others is a person who can
undertand imperialists from a theatrical perspective. Sometimes this is
exactly whats need, Phil, to get a person like you thinking!


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