The main differences between the theory of alienation andthe theory of exploitation

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Wed Nov 22 09:03:58 MST 2000

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> >I am a University student studying Marx's at the moment. I was
> just wondering if anyone had any thought's on the differences
> between the theory of alienation and the theory of exploitation. I
> have an assignment to do on it and the more views i get on it the
> better.
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Is there a real difference between exploitation and alienation? It seems
alienation is the direct consequence of exploitation: "Through
estranged, alienated labor, then the worker produces the relationship to
his labor of a man alien to labour and standing outside it. The
relationship of worker to labor engenders the relation to it of the
capitalist;or whatever one chooses to call the master of labor" (Marx,
Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts, Tucker ed., p.79).


CB: Interesting point Mine makes. Exploitation is sometimes described as alienation
from the fruits of one's labor.

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