Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Nov 22 11:41:02 MST 2000

Seems to me that below you give a good rationale for spelling the U.S.,
A-m-e-r-i-k-k-k-a, as a way of distinguishing it from the rest of America.

Marxists need to use slang, and it is good for us to get it from the mass Left
movement , as is the case with "Amerikkka".  The reason I say Marxists should use
slang is that Marxist adherence to technical jargon has been criticized in recent
decades as sectarian, something that separates us from "regular" people.


>>> lilburne at 11/20/00 07:37PM >>>
Why should anyone care how you spell America?

The point is however is that America is not a country, it is a land mass that
incorporates two continents. The United States (ie the country between Canada and
Mexico) is not America, it is part of North America ie the northern of the two
American continents. Citizens of any other country in North or South America have just
as much right to call themselves as Americans as US citizens. . The identification of
the US as America and of US citizens as American citizens flows from the imperialist
and national chauvinist attitude of the US ruling class that has long regarded the
rest of America as its own backyard and has therefore assumed the name of America for
itself. This is the reactionary legacy that we as Marxists should be confronting
rather than wasting our time on tittle tattle about how to spell America.

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