Liu on Chinese economy Part II

Ulhas Joglekar ulhasj at
Wed Nov 22 12:08:52 MST 2000

> Vicento Navarro of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public
> Health argues, that China's success from the outset of the revolution
> in introducing health and hygiene measures resulted in it having saved
> millions of lives.  This can be seen when we compare China to a
> comparable nation in terms of poverty and development at the outset of
> the Chinese revolution, such as India.  For example, China's infant
> mortality rates equaled India's in 1960, but by 1983 were only a third
> of India's.  Life expectancy was also similar in these two nations in
> 1960, but by 1970 China's people lived on average 10 years longer.
> This margin widened over the 1970s and 1980s.  This was all done while
their per capita incomes remained similar.

I don't know what is the source for these numbers. Henry says that China's
infant mortality rates were only a third of India's in 1983. According to
Human Development Report for 1999 published by UNDP, infant mortality rates
for China and India were 48 and 70 per 1000 respectively. Certainly China
has done better than India in human development, but the gap is not as much
as is indicated above.


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