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 We invite all members, relatives, friends, and organizations in solidarity
to join us Thursday in rejecting the illusions and hypocrisy of America-so
blatantly exposed by the recent so-called democratic elections-by
participating in a sunrise-sunset fast on Thanksgiving Day. We will meet at
the statue of the syphillus ridden half-a-planet lost invading Admiral of
Ocean Sea's (Christoper Colon a.k.,a Columbus that brought racism, the
imperialsim and the dis ease to the Great Turtle Island. on Bayshore Blvd in

Tampa near Davis Islands and Tampa General Hospital.

Join us for however long you can, if you can not participate in the whole
day. Simply understand many of us will be fasting all day, and respect that.

Florida AIM's No Drugs, No Alcohol  rule will be in effect.


The dominant society is taught that Massassoit and the Wampanoag peoples
welcomed the criminals of Europe (Pilgrims) and taught them survival skills.

Americans are also taught that the Pilgrims invited their Indian friends to
attend the "first" thanksgiving to celebrate their survival. That is, in
fact, a lie. Most don;t realize what the celebration is about because the
truth has been buried. The Wampanoag people kept a copy of the Thanksgiving
proclamation made by the first Governor of the Colony. The first
did occur in 1621 when the pilgrim survivors of that first winter sat down
dinner with their Indian friends. Gov. Winthrop of the Massachussetts Colony

proclaimed the first official day of "Thanksgiving and Feasting" in 1637 he
did this to give thanks for the massacre of over 700 Pequot and Wampanoag
men, women and children-he encouraged other colonies to do likewise.

In fact the myth of Thanksgiving Day wasn't born until the late 1860's when
US President Abraham Lincoln, who ordered the mass murder hanging of 38
Dakota peoples, declared the 4th Thursday in November "Thanksgiving Day" as
way to give thanks for "preserving the Union".

The tradition has continued. While many in the dominant society will be
taking turns at their turkeys members of the American Indian Movement of
Florida will conduct a Sunrise to Sunset fast for the 16th year, at the
statue of the colonial invading sea pirate known as Christopher Columbus on
Bayshore Blvd in Tampa, FL. We do so to call attention to the ongoing
genocidal wars against the Indigenous peoples of this Great Turtle Island.
>From the Micmac under virulent and vicious attack in Burt Church, NB for
their efforts to feed their familiesl; to the Oneida and Seminole whose
economic ventures and sovereignty are under state sponsored attack to the
Miccosukee who are under attack for defending their sovereignty. To the
unsilved an largely uninvestigated murders of Lakota peoples in South Dakota

and Nebraska to recent hate crime murders of Indian peoples in Alaska, South

Carolina, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona...... The continued theft of the
lands of the Western Shoshone and Dineh peoples, to the continued efforts to

dump America's toxic and nuclear garbage on the lands of the Dakota, Apache,

and California Indian Nations in addition to so many others. To the
defacto approved robbing of Indian peoples cemetaries, to the degredation of

Indigenous peoples cultures and spiritualities to the basic denial of
Indigenous peoples human, civil, natural, treaty, sovereign and spiritual
rights throughout the Western Hemisphere. The genocide the so-called
inflicted upon the Wampanoag and Pequot peoples continues throughout the
Western Hemisphere 379 years later.

Since 1970 their have been national day of mourning activities throughoy the

US. Florida AIM joined Native American Land Struggles in 1986 at the steps
the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta and conducted its first Sunrise-Sunset
fast. The fast was moved in 1991 to the steps of the Florida State Capitol
Tallahassee where it was held annually until this year. In response to the
insane and revolting notion of the City of Tampa hosting Columbus's death
ships as a tourist attraction Florida AIM relocated the Day of Mourning to
Tampa and therefore the Sunrise to Sunset Fast will be held on Bayshore Blvd

near Davis Islands (Tampa General Hospital) at the statue of Christopher
Columbus to send the message that such genocidal glorification will not be

In theyear 2000 we will focus our attention on the continued unabated
desecration of Indigenous burial sites in Florida, the attack on the
Miccosukee Nation,  and a call for an investigation into the 1973-1979 reign

of Terror on Pine Ridge and all hate crime murders of Indian peoples since
that time.

Join us in this day of Mourning for the millions of Indigenous peoples who
have been murdered since Columbius and his death ships came and killed
Arawak, Taino and Lubyicon peopples. In recognition of all who have been
murdered since the coming of Columbus. In recognition of the true patriots
from Teshunka Wetko, and Geronimo to Richard Oaks, Pedro Bissonette, Buddy
LaMonte, Jeanette Bissonette, and Leroy Jackson who gave their lives in the
struggle. In recognition of those such as Leonard Peltier, Bumpy Kanahele,
Eddie Hatcher and countless others who gave up their freedom, even
temporarily, for the struggle. In recognition of those such as Clyde
Bellecourt, Rigoberta Menchu, Vern Bellecourt, Bill Means and so many others

who continue the struggle-including those whose names we may not know. We
that you join us in this struggle for the future by participating in the Day

of Mourning fasting in acknowledgment of the past, present and future of

American Indian Movement of Florida
AIMFL at aol.com

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