Basque Red Net under siege

Juan Fajardo fajardos at
Wed Nov 22 19:56:12 MST 2000

I have just received news that the Basque Red Net
htt:// a collective of individuals in Spain dedicated
to promoting Marxism and the cause of the Basque people has come under
attack in recent days.  These attacks have come in the form of attempted
"denial of service" attacks on its website, threatening emails, and even
telephoned death threats to its members.  Several members have been
hauled into Spanish courts to answer charges of inciting violence.  All
this comes, no doubt, as a response to recent attacks by Euskadi Ta
Askatasuna (ETA).

I have no more details than those I have presented above, but will
notify the list with more info and what we can do about the situation as
soon as I hear more from them.

- Juan Fajardo

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