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>>This argument was touched off by Arafat's call for a UN peacekeeping force
in Palestine.  The DSP jumped quickly to support it.  Several people jumped
quickly to criticize the DSP, lacing their criticisms of the DSP with
criticisms of Arafat.  José now checks in on the other side.  He has written
two posts close together, one of which I generally agree with, and one of
which I am less in agreement with.

>>This is the one I am generally in agreement with:<<

Quite surprised by your post, actually, Lou.

I agree with you that, if there is not clear consensus or majority agreement
in the national liberation movement, revolutionaries in the main imperialist
countries should ABSTAIN from endorsing the demand for UN troops, as such a
stance then becomes a de facto endorsement of one of the wings vying for
leadership in the Palestinian movement. Outside Palestine, revolutionaries
can still reap many of the tactical and propagandistic advantages derived
from such a slogan while stopping short of raising the demand itself, i.e.,
explaining how the UN's failure to back up its nice-sounding resolutions and
so on shows that IN REALITY it is "neutral" on the side of the Zionist
entity and so on.

I do not follow events in the Middle East closely enough to even hazard a
guess as to the actual relations and relationship of forces between various
currents in the Palestinian movement, thus I'm not really in a position to
do much more than offer the general observations. In this sense, the case of
East Timor was different, as my understanding of that situation is that the
national movement and all of its wings agreed with the demand for a UN
force, and in fact, in my opinion, THAT rubicon was crossed not once the
Indonesians started the pogroms after the vote, but with the acceptance by
the independence movement of a UN-style and UN-sponsored decolonization

In the case of federal troops to the south in the US, I'm pretty convinced
the SWP of that time got it largely right, although I would be interested in
seeing what the comrades of the current identified with Sam Marcy made of
it. Sometimes reformist forces will counterpose that kind of demand to the
independent mobilization of working people in the direction of creating
self-defense formations. But I believe it is necessary for the masses to go
through the experience of making such demands in order to go beyond them,
and that the strength of illusions like that Bobby Kennedy will set things
right will be undercut more effectively by his own inaction than by a
thousand speeches.


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