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Green Left Weekly,
 Issue #429
 November 22, 2000

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an

environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: THE FRAUD OF U.S. DEMOCRACY

While US presidential candidate Al Gore received 200,000 more citizens'
votes than George W. Bush, the peculiarities of the US electoral system
mean that Bush is the next president of the world's only superpower.


 * Presidential elections expose true nature of US democracy
 * Why the US Democratic Party is shrinking
 * UNITED STATES: Ralph Nader:`We can do better'


 * Civil disobedience and the global anti-corporate movement
 * Imprisonment and abuse: how refugees are treated by Australia


 * Editorial: Support Palestine's call for a UN protection force!
 * PALESTINE: Masses not impressed by Arab summit
 * PALESTINE: The new intifada
 * WEST PAPUA: Howard repeats Timor crimes
 * CUBA: Thousands attend solidarity conference
 * CUBA: Havana rally against the blockade
 * SOUTH KOREA: Workers' rally reveals ranks' anger
 * SWAZILAND: Strikes, protests shake monarchy
 * INDONESIA: Activists plan anti-globalisation conference
 * INDONESIA: PRD rejects split group's claims
 * Little joy for West on Seattle anniversary
 * BRAZIL: `Red wave' in municipal elections
 * SOUTH AFRICA: Workers march against privatisation
 * The Poors of Chatsworth: South Africa's undeclared war on the poor
 * SCOTLAND: Socialists' support grows, SNP shifts right
 * NICARAGUA: Sandinistas surge in local elections
 * KOSOVA: Kosovars demand independence
 * Scientists confirm greenhouse warning
 * INDIA: Why the powerful fear gherao
 * INDIA: Workers fight anti-union tactics


 * Australia sinking greenhouse negotiations
 * Tales of the holy ghost and the haunting spectre


 * Palestine Human Rights Campaign launched
 * World Heritage Committee to discuss Jabiluka
 * Solidarity with Iraqi women
 * `People's power' for the Rabbitohs


 * Poster: the Democratic Socialist Party's 19th National Congress
 * Student exposure tour of Indonesia
 * Unionists Against Corporate Tyranny on the web
 * Green Left Weekly available on CD-Rom
 * Resistance organises the `In the Footsteps of Che' tour of Cuba --
Book now!


 * Dead Prez: Uhuru hip hop
 * The Poors of Chatsworth: South Africa's undeclared war on the poor


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