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Thu Nov 23 07:49:36 MST 2000

dear louis,

i am on a quest fot a friend of mine.
he is looking for information on Alexander Kontorowicz.

>       Between 1944 and 1948, he has been General Director of Music and
>Court Violinist in Ethiopia. But before that, he stayed 11 years in Egypt
>(1934-1944) as Court Violonist, professor at the Royal Institute of Music,
>and Head of the Music Department at the University King Fouad I.

>       I found another site supposedly mentioning Kontorowicz (and also
>Nerses Nalbandian) http://www.marxmail.org/archives/Dec1999/msg00148.html,
>but impossible to open it

Apparently Kontorowicz was an excellent violonist (fellow-student of Jascha

the friend is francis falceto, the compiler of the ethiopiques cd-series.
on the moment he is in the field in ethiopia somewhere doing research

i found some references to ethiopian/african music in your mailing list but
none to kontorowicz, the relevant archive piece i found impossible to open.

if you could help my friend (and me) in any way with info on this violinist
i'd be delighted

with regards

Martin Stolk, Cairo
phone: 00202-7367198
e-mail: martindokki at usa.net

Louis Proyect
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