Fw: Informal Name Change/Wobbly Martyrs of November

john hunter gray hunterbear at SPAMif.rmci.net
Thu Nov 23 12:14:39 MST 2000

Friends, Comrades, Fellow Workers:
Given the brutally tragic and sanguinary events plaguing virtually
everything within everyone's view -- to say nothing of occasional threads of
bizarre comedy -- this little informal name change of mine is certainly not a
significant announcement beyond its purely personal connotations.  But here
is it:  for some time, I've been increasingly known as Hunter Gray (no
more, no less) and I'm now shifting away from "John Hunter Gray"
to  Hunter Gray.  This is going to a wide ranging group of good
If you're more comfortable with "John" in my case, absolutely no
problem whatsoever.
In the case of directory listings, etc., you should feel free to change my
name from John Hunter Gray to simply Hunter Gray.
This will reach a few destinations where articles etc. of mine are
scheduled to be published.  If it's possible --  without any
inconvenience, and I mean this  -- to change my author's name from
John Hunter Gray to simply Hunter Gray, please do so.  Otherwise,
absolutely no problem!
This does not need to be posted on discussion lists but, if anyone wishes,
to -- fine with me.  Whatever the managers wish and, again, no sweat either
And now, ever the propagandist:
Our Native family is not, frankly, celebrating Thanksgiving as such. 
(The survival of the English Puritan bigots does not please us.)  We see
this as a harvest feast and we also remember the fine Wobbly poem done by Ralph
Chaplin a long, long time ago -- and cited from my excellent collection of
old-time IWW Red Songbooks (various editions of Songs To Fan The Flames Of
November produced many martyrs and among those of the Industrial Workers of
the World -- and now of the World and of  the Ages [designations taken from
the Songbooks] are Joe Hill, "Murdered by  Authorities of the
State of Utah, November 19, 1915;"  and the Everett (Washington)
Massacre Free Speech Victims, murdered November 5, 1916 ["...and then the
fellow worker died, singing "Hold the Fort"...]; and the victims of
the Centralia Massacre, commemorated here by Ralph Chaplin ["Wesley Everest
-- Murdered by the Lumber Trust, Centralia, Washington, November 11,
Red November, black November.
Bleak November, black and red;
Hallowed month of Labor's martyrs,
Labor's heroes, Labor's dead.
Labor's hope and wrath and sorrow --
Red the promise, black the threat;
Who are we not to remember?
Who are we to dare forget!
Black and red the colors blended.
Black and red the pledge we made;
Red, until the fight has ended,
Black, until the debt is paid.
We commemorate these and all other martyrs in the cause of Humanity.
Our very best to you.  In Solidarity -  Hunter Gray (formerly
John etc)
 Hunter Gray (Hunterbear)

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