Aijaz Ahmad

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Thu Nov 23 14:47:39 MST 2000

Aijaz Ahmad wrote (in India's National Magazine):

>The saddest part of this mess is that Yasser Arafat, once the symbol of
>Palestinian resistance, has settled down to the role of a quisling, begging
>the U.S. for largesse and handing over his own security apparatus to the
>CIA; Alu Ben reported in Ha'aretz on October 18, regarding Arafat's promise
>at the Sharm El-Sheikh summit to do what he could for Israeli security: its
>implementation will be overseen by CIA chief George Tenet and the CIA
>representative in Tel Aviv. This agreement will, for the first time,
>involve CIA observers in the field in addition to CIA participation in
>Israeli-Palestinian meetings."
>Part of the Al-Aqsa Intifada is perhaps against Arafat himself and his bunch
>of corrupt cronies - "the Oslo class" as the rebellious Palestinian youth
>calls them.

Ahmad is spot on.

Of course, perhaps some people on this list think that India's National
Magazine is a raving ultraleft sectarian publication for daring to talk
about Arafat in these terms.

It's interesting that when Arafat hooks himself up with the CIA and when
the Palestinian youth, the vanguard of any struggle for national
liberation, are denouncing Arafat and 'the Oslo class', and mianstream
publications in the Third World realise what is going on, the old
'quisling' (to use Ahmad's term) can rely on Trotskyists in Sydney and
Atlanta to rush to his defence - in the former case even call on the UN to
help bail him out.

On a more pleasing note, it is excellent to see Ahmad has such a good
position.  Especially since his 'In Theory: nations, classes, literature'
is a wonderful book, which I would highly recommend to anyone on the list.

And thanks indeed to Ulhas for posting the article.


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