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At 01:32 PM 11/23/2000 , Philip Ferguson wrote:
 >Moreover, the Irish republican movement was the national liberation
 >movement *least dependent* on the Soviet bloc and with *no relations at
 >all* actually with the Soviet bloc.

Didn't the Official IRA receive some aid and weaponry from the USSR in the
early 70s?  Of course by that time the Officials were well on their way to
being reformists who supported partition.

 >You seem unwilling or unable to deal with the fact that the Good Friday
 >Agreement, and its aftermath, mean that the Adams cabal is now part of the
 >*administration of the northern Ireland state* - ie they are part of the
 >administration of neo-colonialism in Ireland.

Not only are they administering British rule through political means, but
by armed means as well (which the British state tacitly supports).  The
recent murder of the Real IRA's Belfast Commander by the Provisionals is an
example.  While I don't agree with the Real IRA's continuation of armed
struggle, it's clear from the harassment of people like Gorman and McIntyre
that the Provisionals see non-violent opposition to the GFA as a threat to
their hegemony as well.

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