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>i have a question - a post awhile back mentioned something about a
"two-state solution." what other solution is there?  the complete
eradication of israel?  how exactly is that justifiable, let alone

Before Oslo, the left forces within the PLO, such as the Popular Front for
the Liberation of Palestine, raised the slogan of a single secular
democratic state in the whole territory of Palestine (the former mandate).
This would be a state with democratic rights for all, regardless of religion
or ethnicity.

I don't know what would be "unjustifiable" about this solution.  This would
indeed mean the termination of the apartheid state of Israel, which
presently makes full citizenship a matter of race and religion; just as the
achievement of democracy in South Africa meant the termination of the
previously existing white supremacist form of government.

As to "practicality", nothing "justifiable" is "practical" without a very
intense struggle against the Israeli state and its chief supporter,
treasurer, and arms supplier, the United States.

Louis Paulsen

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